Embracing a Non-Traditional Life Path

I wanted to write a quick post informing readers about my guest article on Eleanore Well’s blog (formerly called The Spinsterlicious Life) about a couple of my experiences traveling in South America as a single lady.  I discovered the blog around this time last year after reading the author’s guest article on MSN about not making apologies for one’s own life choices (assuming they don’t cause harm to others).

I’ve found many of the articles inspiring and thought provoking and I’m happy I could add a voice to the discussion of women navigating life paths outside of societal norms.  On the surface, the blog is a witty and clever recount of the author’s experiences as a single woman without kids and why this life is fulfilling to her.  On a deeper level though, I don’t view the blog as an instigator to a “being single vs. being married” debate, but rather an inspirational collection of stories that remind us all to look within ourselves for a standard by which to measure our fulfillment with life as opposed to the generic standards of society.  This can be applicable in all realms of daily life such as what careers we choose, where we live or what material possessions we choose to acquire.

I hope you all enjoy the article (there is also a story from a South African woman about her experiences) and encourage some feedback.  It would also be great for any of you from other countries to share your stories, whether as a native or a foreigner like me.  I think it’s fascinating for women around the world to hear each others’ stories.  Just as well for men too, if anything, the blog provides another portal into the convoluted maze that is the female psyche!