From The U.K. to Mongolia: A Tribute to Money Pit

A quick photo collage to commemorate the workhorse that drove us almost 9,000 miles from the Thames Ditton, England to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia….

1 - Money Pit in EnglandMoney Pit’s first night out at a campsite in Southern England.  She was cleaned up, was wearing all of her hubcaps and was ready to take on the open road…2 - MP - Breakdown…Well not quite ready.  The day after we picked her up and one week before the start of the Mongol Rally, Money Pit overheated and blew a gasket on the M4…3 - Money Pit in France…Thanks to a handy mechanic, Money Pit was repaired in about 5 days time and she was well on our way to Mongolia.  Here she takes a break in Northern France on Day 1 of the journey…4 - MP - off road Germany…Just on the border of Germany and Czech Republic, Money Pit gets her first taste of dirt roads and manages just fine…5 - Money Pit in Prymorsk…Several days later and after another major breakdown scare, Money Pit takes in a beautiful sunset on the Sea of Azoz in Prymorsk, Ukraine…7 - MP with Ramblin Men - Kazakhstan…Now in Kazakhstan, Money Pit has found a friend in Team Ramblin Men’s Renault Kangoo…8 - MP - campsite in Kazakhstan…After a long and tough day on Western Kazakh roads, Money Pit takes a break at a campsite south of Aral…9 - Money Pit - New Fan Switch…In the capital city of Astana, Dillion, using his clever mechanical skills, sets up a manual switch for the fan to keep Money Pit from overheating…11 - MP - Russia breakdown 810…Still overheating did happen and this is one of many times, we had to refill the radiator fluids for poor old Money Pit…10 - MP - Biysk Campsite 809…One last stop in Russia, Money Pit enjoys her favorite campsite next to a scenic and extremely cold river outside of Biysk while her owners relaxed and drank vodka cocktails…12 - MP - Dillion not Driving…Still, Money Pit lives on and made it across the border of Mongolia.  As you can see, the roads were so smooth at one point, Dillion didn’t need to look nor steer to drive the car…13 - MP - Mongolia Hill 813…and Money Pit continued on being rattled and shaken all throughout the rough roads of Mongolia…14 - MP - Mongolia Hill 813a….and up the hill she goes, making her way to her first river crossing…15 - MP - Mongolia River crossing 1…Here she waits ready to forge her first river…16 - MP - Mongolia River Crossing 2…So far it’s looking good…17 - MP - Mongolia River Crossing 3…and with a little help from our MF convoy teams, Money Pit makes it up to dry land…18 - MP - Mongolia last day….Not too much further now.  Money Pit is good and dirty and ready to drive her last day all the way to the finish line in Ulaanbaatar…19 - MP at the Finish Line…and around 8:00pm on August 21st, she makes it to the finish line with her proud and very relieved owners…20 - Money Pit at the Finish Line…The last goodbye to Money Pit!  Thanks for the memories and we hope your future owner treats you well…though after seeing Mongolian drivers in action, we seriously doubt it.








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