A Global Halloween

Oh Halloween, one of the few holidays thoroughly celebrated and enjoyed across age demographics!  This is probably why I don’t care for it that much; there are no angry battles over its legitimacy like Valentine’s Day and for the record, I’m more into savory food-centric holidays such as Thanksgiving and the 4th of July.  Though it does come with some perks such as free candy, and the cliché of grown women dressing promiscuously so ubiquitous that it is actually a cliché to be the wallflower brunette rolling her eyes and quipping at such sorority girl stereotypes.

Looking at the different forms of celebrating Halloween across cultures though, it does remind me of why I wanted to create a travel photography book, The Life of the Festival, in the first place, which is to share the unique cultures of the world on a level to which we all can relate­: celebrating the life experience.  As I checked out a few articles about Halloween throughout the world, it also reminded me of the deeper meaning of the holiday which for most, is to remember the spirits of ancestors past.  How we progressed or devolved into piss-your-pants scarefests at the local farm and adults parading around in costumes speak to naughty double entendrès is a mystery, but nonetheless enjoyable.

For those paying tributes or honoring the spirits of the dead though through much more subdued celebrations, they are in good company as most cultures have some form of festival or celebration whether it be in the autumn or spring season, which seems to be the case for most holidays in Asia.  For a quick rundown of celebrations throughout the world I share the following link: Halloween around the world.

Enjoy wherever you are and however you celebrate!  I’ll personally be enjoying my role as suburban candy dispenser for a parade of hyped up children and the occasional creepy teenager, though I might make good on promise to try and scam them out of some of the more desirable candy such as Nerds and Laffy Taffy.


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