What’s in my Bag Update #1

Update 2/23/2014: This post has been revised and moved to my neighbor travel blog, Travel and Error, which will be published in the upcoming months.


2 thoughts on “What’s in my Bag Update #1

  1. Hey kiddo – I love my iPad, but as I always had a laptop nearby it became a reading-browsing tool, not the communicator I needed. When a trip popped-up I would think twice about taking the laptop because long posts are easier to do on a keyboard (no surprise there).

    I popped for a different cover for those time when I’d consider a laptop – I bought a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard cover and it has been the perfect solution. I can mail, write and code more efficiently. Be careful though – only buy the US keyboard version with the 2 large shift keys if you want to keep your sanity (the European version has a sucky-small left shift – Logitech, what the hell were you thinking?)

    It’s about the same thickness as a iPad2. It just clips on like a magnetic cover and when you want to type you pull it off and snap the iPad into place…it’s even got a magnet to hold it fast. And it only needs a charge every 6 months, if used for a few hours daily.

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