Just Not That Into Chucuito

One of the nice day trips you can take from Puno is to a little town called Chucuito which is composed of a main square and the schoolgirl giggle inducing temple of fertility known as Inca Uyo.  This temple is actually more reminiscent of a walled in cemetery with phallic shaped headstones, some for average guys and one in the center for some porn star.  There are also some that are inverted into the ground which I guess are meant to represent the efforts of a man who successfully implemented the strategies of “The Pick-up Artist”

Apparently the Incas were down with circumcision

The legends say that sterile women come here to sit on the gargantuan penis and do other rituals to stimulate fertility.  Of course, tourists come here mostly to make jokes about and snicker at male genitalia while taking some sophomoric photos.  I was not above this stereotype and went so far as to develop a little storyline here I’d like to call, “Girl Meets Dick: A Modern Love Story”.

Hey Dick, Look I really just don't think that you're my type.
Wait did you just say "taco"?
Okay, you've convinced me.
Wow, you're really sweet and easy to talk to...
What's that you say? Wow, I love you too!
On second thought, I'm getting kind of bored. I gotta go.

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