The Disney Files: Day 15 – The End

When I look back at spectrum of emotions I felt on only a 14 day journey, I’m quite amazed at myself and at the same time I’m completely beside myself at the thought of what I’ll go through over two whole years of journeying across the globe.  The Disney Transatlantic really was a special and symbolic journey for me though when I look at the grand scheme of things.  It was the defining line in the sand between my life in Europe and my previous career, and my life as I know it now, an unemployed roaming nomad.  My emotions while on board the ship ran the gamut from scared and petrified to bored and frustrated to fanatic enthusiasm.   However, the overall theme running through my mind as I walked through immigration and started feeling nervous about the life that lay ahead of me was that no matter what happens, life is and always be an incredible journey.

Happy endings only belong in Thai massage parlors

What’s probably really terrible about this heading is that I thought of it after I left Ship Mickey and was at my Aunt’s house in Florida watching a Disney movie with my cousin.  It’s not the “happy” part that gets to me, it’s the “ending” part which is usually associated with finding love.  I hate to think that life is a race and at some point, I’m going to say, “Okay I’ve reached whatever arbitrary goal I’ve set for myself and there are no more horizons left for me to pursue.”  If we are talking about love then this scares me even more, because I feel somewhat confident I could find the love of my life before I turn 96.  Then if I do, I’ll supposedly have a huge chunk of my life where I’m doing what?  Walking into a never ending horizon with my paramour?  That seems rather dull.

Finding love, having children, traveling the world, starting your own business are all just simple events in your life and the experiences that stem from them become more rich the more you pursue them.  Someone once said to me, “But you’ve already seen enough of the world.”  I didn’t have an answer at the time but reflecting on the subject now I think that I could see every country and city and landmark in the world and it will never be enough.  The thing of it is, I view myself as a person who is constantly evolving.  I could very well succeed in seeing everything on this great green planet at least once, but there’s also a time and circumstance element to travel.  Before I left Amsterdam, I went to Bergamo, Italy to sit atop a hill and stare at this beautiful yellow mansion I remember seeing back when I was in college.  The reflections on how much my life had changed from the first time I was sitting there were so powerful I thought, there’s no way I could ever stop exploring the world around me.  My love for the journey is one that lasts a lifetime.

My Gratitudes

I feel as though this final article in my series about the Disney Transatlantic is the appropriate time to express my many gratitudes for all of the incredible people I met along the way.  As I think is the case with any journey in life, the memorable experiences are 90% the people you meet (I don’t really have a clever answer for the other 10% but I just felt like assigning some substantial percentage to the people I’ve met).

Table 56 – We ate, we laughed, we sang, we played pub quiz, and we stalked the French Inspector.  I very much enjoyed our little community for those two weeks and am grateful the Disney cruise gods put me at your table!

Zoran and Noel – Best waiters anyone could ask for!  One of the defining moments for me was when Zoran brought me an appetizer even though I didn’t order one because in his, “I couldn’t bear to see you without one.”  I miss you both!

Sasha – Oh Sasha, I still want to marry you!

Bruno – My first friend on the ship and my savior!

Mike – This will definitely come out the wrong way, but I think of you every time I see a banana.  Keep making those virgin margaritas chief!

Joe – Your effortless coolness sets an example for all of us to follow.

The two Arthurs – Keep on smilin’

Harry and Sandra – This is actually a reminder that it’s been a while since I’ve e-mailed you so I will get on that.  Thank you so much for the pleasant conversations and for sharing my love of Portuguese wine and food.   A special thank you to Sandra too for protecting from sketchy characters at the pool bar!

Jack and Claire – I’m looking forward to hearing about your future trips to Europe and Mexico!  I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time in my former playground and continue to spread your joy and beautiful energy wherever you go!

Amazingly Beautiful 50+ Woman at the Pool – Now I feel like I’m on Craigslist.  We only had one conversation at the pool, but I remember you being very encouraging about my plans to travel the world and had nothing but great advice to give.  That and I still don’t believe that you are over 50.

Hot Guy at the Castaway Cay Bike Rental Location – Feel free to call and/or facebook stalk me at your own leisure.

Opera Man – Thanks for not laughing when I told you I thought you were a waiter and for pretend singing “Happy Valentine’s Day” to me by way of facebook messenger!

Ben and Jerry – It’s still too bad we didn’t start hanging out earlier on in the cruise but I enjoyed the happy hours and subsequent Disney World trip!

Rey and Lennie – Thank you for still befriending me even after I passed out next to you at the pool towards the beginning of the cruise.

Maggie – It was great to have girl talk with you! Hope all is going well!

Seymour – Thank you for the amusing “Confessions of Disney Entertainer” conversations.

And last but not least, Chip of Chip & Dale – 😉


The Disney Files


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