Traveling Revelations: Things You Take For Granted

Oh the joys of sleeping in a full-size bed!  Today is my first day in my mini-apartment where I’ll be staying for the next two months while volunteering with Pro Mujer in Puno, Peru (more on this later, I have to report on the important things first!)  Actually, for the moment, I’m staying in a different room while the apartment is undergoing some maintenance.  The point though, is that after only two weeks on my journey, I have a private room with a private bathroom and a full-size bed.  I really can’t believe how excited this makes me, and I was never even one to complain about accommodations in the hostels.  I knew what I was getting myself into on this trip, but one thing I’m learning very quickly and am grateful for, is that the little conveniences we take for granted back home can easily become some of life’s greatest joys when traveling.  For me, the full or greater size bed will always be king!

You Always Remember Your First

I discovered my love for giant and comfortable mattresses at an early age.  I think I was 12 and I was with my family on a trip to where else but Disney World.  We stayed for a couple of nights in some villa-type accommodation and as I entered the main bedroom, I laid eyes on my very first king-size.  I was beside myself and I think this was the birthplace of my “360o Roll Calibration” technique, which I’ll explain later.  I don’t think I wanted to ever leave the bedroom after this point.  I even remember sitting in the middle of the bed with my school books when my Mom or aunt took a picture of me.  This was the defining experience in my lifelong appreciation for high quality mattresses.

Nowadays, whenever I find myself staying in new place, I like to acquaint myself with the room by sizing up the mattress utilizing my “360o Roll Calibration” technique.  This is basically where I lay on one edge of the bed and try to see how many rolls it takes to reach the other side of the bed.  My biggest conquest to date measured in at 3x and my amazing pillow-top mattress at home is about 2x.  With that perspective, it was a little sad resigning to a life of twin-size hostel beds which average about 0.5x.  However, now that I lay me down to sleep in my new full-size bed that measures 1.25x, I’m beside myself with gratitudes.

Make It Count

I was actually already tucked in bed (yes, I tuck myself in) for the night, but I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing.  Since I couldn’t sleep, I figured the next best thing to do would be to write about it and share my joy with the rest of the world.  My only wish is that someone were here to take another picture of me, 16 years later tucked neatly in the middle of my bed.  I even have the four pillows arranged symmetrically around my head to provide optimal sleeping comfort.  Sleeping in the middle of a bed really is a highly underrated joy in this world, a joy in which I’m going to bask for the next two months.  Oh and I forgot to mention, there are literally fireworks going outside my window as I’m typing this.  Coincidence? I think not, but I should also mention it’s marking the beginning of the festival de la Candelaria.  Good night!


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