The Disney Files: Days 8, 9, 10 – At Sea

By now, all of the excitement of going on my first cruise has finally worn off and as I looked through my notes for days 8, 9 and 10, I can tell that I hit some frustrating points and was starting to get bored with the same old routine.  Honestly, I was thinking of skipping over days 8-10 but for continuity purposes I’m keeping it.  But I do promise that Day 11 is definitely worth 15 minutes of your time.  Oh, but there was one little event that’s worthy of a post…

I love you Chip (or Dale)!

The one thing I did notice in these few days at sea was that this was the turning point in my affections towards the Disney characters.  At the beginning of the cruise I was rather indifferent.  Perhaps I was avoiding the characters out of embarrassment from all of the disturbing jokes my Amsterdam friends and I were making.  I think someone actually told me they’d pay me 1,000 euros if I could produce photographic evidence of a threesome with Mickey and Donald.  Just to put to rest any speculation, no, I am not 1,000 euros richer and no, it’s not because my camera battery was low.

Eventually though, I reclaimed my childish innocence to some degree and I started to warm up to Mickey and his pals.  I saw Chip & Dale in front of Lumiere’s dining room for one of the standard meet-and-greets while James and I were trying to stalk the French Inspector.  As we returned back to the Promenade Lounge to join our more sane tablemeates, I spotted Chip & Dale as they were about to leave.  And for some reason, at that exact moment, I decided I must have a picture.  This is when I made contact with Chip or Dale and it was one of those “he knew that I knew that he knew” kind of moments and I slowly approached him.  Then, out of nowhere, he makes a run for it.  I was stunned and annoyed that he would reject me like that.  So I did what any self-righteous senseless woman would do and I chased him down the hall.  The fact that I was wearing a short dress and heels were of no consequence to me – he was in a giant costume, of course I could catch him.  And I did!  He hid behind a curtain while I taunted him and James caught up to us with the camera.  The following photos are the fruits of my efforts.

It must be love!

Below is the photo essay aftermath of what ensued after my initial Disney character love was unleashed…

Photo op with the stars of the cruise
We meet again!
Another couple I had to chase down!

The Disney Files


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