The Disney Files: Day 4 – At Sea

Today is technically our first day in the Atlantic and we’re heading off to Funchal, Madeira before a stretch of 5 days at sea.  My notes from the cruise tell me that nothing all that interesting happened today so this is my time to catch up on some Disney thoughts.

Disney has its own cults

I went to a wine seminar today in my bid to appear to be more sophisticated than I really am.  Though I really don’t know why I continue to subject myself to this torture.  I had forgotten that while the idea of going to a wine seminar may sound classy, it usually ends up in a tawdry mess of me giving myself a stroke while desperately trying to inhale the scents – it seems I have a really bad sense of smell.    But that’s neither here nor there.  What was interesting about this seminar was that they give you flare at the end.  I was confused.  Normally after four glasses of wine a man gives me his number, not a pin with a picture of grapes and Mickey on it.  I asked my neighbor what I was supposed to do with my newly acquired flare and this is when I learned about the pin swapping club.  I don’t know if this is true of all cruiselines but on the Disney cruise at some point, they all partake in some orgy of pin swapping with the captain and it’s apparently a big deal amongst the cruising elitists.  There was a story about people who waited in line overnight (remember this was on a ship where their staterooms were not all that far away) at the cruise ship store to ensure that they would get some commemorative pin.  Again, this is one of those Disney cruise things I just don’t get but I kept my flare anyway in case I found myself at odds later with a surly 10 year old who was hogging the ice cream machine.

The Pin Swappers were just the tip of the iceberg.  Later that day in the jacuzzi some newly minted father gave me the low down on what sounded like a really badass underground Disney club of adults who organized a bar crawl on the ship for later that afternoon.  Now anything ‘underground’ and beer related is definitely right up my alley but as he continued to talk about how they had their own shirts and lanyards and even created their own Navigator (in short, The Navigator is the daily listing of all official cruise events onboard), I started to get the impression that Kool-Aid might be involved with associating with these people.  My tablemate later informed me with a very concerned tone that these people I was telling her about were called The Disboards, supposedly because they all planned out the details of their cruise 2 years in advance by way of internet message forums.  The verdict was that these were the supreme die-hard Disney fans and one mistake or comment of ill will towards The Mouse would find you walking the plank or something.  I thought back to breakfast where there was a couple from Montana decked out in full Mickey branded attire, and who were going on and on about how many Disney cruises they’ve been on.  They seemed like fine recruits for The Disboard cult and I opted to continue my adult beverage pursuits at the pool bar with my trusted bartenders.

I think Day 4 was my highest grossing at the bar, but luckily after this day, the cult-like behavior observed was kept at bay.

The Disney Files


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